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Our company strives to develop efficient and sustainable technologies for processing by-products of metallurgy, which will help our clients increase their competitiveness and reduce their negative impact on the environment.



We aim to be a leader in developing solutions for processing by-products of metallurgy and making our world cleaner and more sustainable by reducing waste and minimizing environmental pollution. We also aim to promote carbon-neutral metallurgy and hydrogen metallurgy to achieve our sustainability goals.



Innovation and Advanced Technology

We constantly improve our technologies and develop new ones to provide our clients with the best solutions and increase the efficiency of processing by-products of metallurgy.

Quality and Reliability

We guarantee the high quality of our products and services, as well as the reliability of our equipment and tests conducted.


We strive for sustainable development, considering the impact of our activities on the environment and caring for the preservation of natural resources.

Team of Professionals

We value our employees and provide conditions for their development and professional growth, which allows us to attract the best specialists and ensure a high level of services.

Customer Orientation

We pay great attention to the needs and requirements of our clients and always strive to find the best solutions to satisfy their requests.

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